Moderna announces that its Omicron vaccine protects 6 times more against new variants

Modern, a pioneering biotechnology company messenger RNA therapies and vaccines (RNAm), and which in Mexico is represented by Asofarma Mexico, today announced new clinical data on its bivalent vaccine candidate Ómicron (BA.1), booster RNAm-1273.214.

One month after administration, previously vaccinated participants who received a 50 µg booster dose of mRNA-1273.214 developed significantly higher neutralizing antibody responses against BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants of Ómicron compared to the currently licensed booster (mRNA-1273), regardless of prior infection status or age (adults over 18, over or under 65).

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Among participants with no history of prior infection, bivalent mRNA-1273.214 resulted in significantly higher neutralizing titers against BA.4/5 compared to the currently licensed booster, with a geometric mean ratio of 1.69 (95 CI %: 1.51-1.90).

One month after the recall, the securities Neutralizers BA.4/5 they were 776 (95% CI: 719, 838) for mRNA-1273,214 and 458 (95% CI: 421, 499) for the currently authorized booster.

The geometric mean magnification of the antibody titers (GMFR) of BA.4/5 from pre-boost levels was 6.3 times (95% CI: 5.7, 6.9) for mRNA-1273.214 receptors and 3.5 times (CI at 95%: 3.2, 3.9) for mRNA-1273 receptors.

Consistent results were demonstrated across all subgroups, including those aged 65 and older. Full data has been submitted for peer-reviewed publication and shared with regulators.

“We are very happy that our bivalent vacuna candidate continue to demonstrate better performance than the current booster. Today’s update builds on the remarkable performance of mRNA-1273.214, demonstrating significantly higher titers against all variants tested, including Ómicron BA.4/5 and BA.1 subvariantsand adds to a greater amount of data that confirms the superiority of a bivalent approach.

This superior magnitude and durability of immune response after a boost with the bivalent candidate has been demonstrated in multiple Phase 2/3 studies involving thousands of participants,” he said. Stephane Bancel, CEO of Modern.

“We work with the Regulatory agencies to promote two bivalent candidate vaccines, mRNA-1273.214 and mRNA-1273.222, based on differing market preferences for Omicron subvariants, clinical data requirements and urgency to launch fall reminder campaigns for vulnerable populations.


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