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The Pamplona Bull Fair It ends with a very hot afternoon, full on the lines and eager to take advantage of Antonio Ferrrera’s trap, a unique afternoon.


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Fourth bull: Harnero

The ring was watered down and Ferrera rested from the first three bulls. The fourth came out, a dripping 520-pound red that came out loose and elusive from the first punch. He is the least ‘Miura’ bull of bullfighting in the making. From the second punch, he spat instantly and went back and forth from horse to horse until he had taken a yard in the fifth. The bull protests in banderillas. It goes through the kickstand, although without transmission at first. The bull has arrived and Ferrera has now achieved some of the best moments for the good python. Pamplona resounds. Very well Ferrera again in a new batch and well the bull, which repeated. Ferrera adorns himself with the crutch, quotes the bull with distance and that of Miura is torn off. Kill when reaching the walking bull more than 10 meters away. Opposite slot. Chess with stitching. He lost his ear. Palms and greetings from the third.


Third Torus: Espadero

he took his time Antoine Ferrera before giving the green light for the departure of the ring of Espadero, a Colorado of 540 kilos. weight in Miura very strange for Pamplona, ​​more accustomed to bulls of this iron well over 600 kilos. He fought the bull on horseback when he first encountered it. From there he left for the other mounted on the door of the pigsty. The Navarrese Manolo de los Reyes placed a good pair of banderillas. The bull walks past the uninspiring muleta, raises its head and soon turns around. Because the left python shortens the attack and turns around immediately. Ferrera Company. Abbreviate and click on the first try. The punctures follow one another and after almost 10 attempts the bullfighter succeeds. Silence on the third bull.

The right-hander Antonio Ferrera in the bullring of Pamplona where he faces the six bulls of the Sevillian Miura herd during the ninth and final registration of the bull fair of Sanfermines 2022. IÑIGO ALZUGARAY


Second torus: ‘Chaparrito’

The Miura bull who is second is black, is called little, weighs 625 kilos and went straight to the horse guarding the gate. He received a good punishment. Also the second rod was important. The bull comes out humiliating in the cape. What a great pair from Fernando Sánchez. There’s more to this bull on the crutch. Antonio Ferrera starts from the right and takes on the bull, which in some sets puts his face well and in others he directs. It’s coming long, right hand. try to stretch Ferrera with the left hand, although the bull falls a little short on the attack and recovers quickly. Pamplona resounds. What a good run now from Ferrera with his right hand handling bull attacks well. How well he took advantage of the bull. He took every possible crutch. Ferrera punctured the first time. Kill the second with a slightly weak push. An ear for Antonio Ferrera in the second.

The right-hander Antonio Ferrera in the bullring of Pamplona where he faces the six bulls of the Sevillian Miura herd during the ninth and final registration of the bull fair of Sanfermines 2022. IÑIGO ALZUGARAY


First bull: ‘Rifador’

The Sardinian bull of Miura, weighing 545 kilos, entered the ring. Very home style. Stump of the huge long python, a little emptied of meat. He tried to jump the bull. Antoine Ferrera He wears a dark green cape with a light green back. He receives it with logical precautions. Three and a half speedwells. He left the bull a very long time. Two important punches, although the bull was not used. The bull raised his face in banderillas. does not provide Ferrera this first bull. The bull climbs on the crutch with his face very high, he nods his head. It tries for both pythons, but it won’t be possible. He left a slot with great skill and quite well placed. Silence for the bullfighter at the beginning of the afternoon.

Antonio Ferrera during his first bull Miura during the last bullfight of the Pamplona bull fair in San Fermin.  MAITE H. MATEO


very different walk

Ferrera came with a very striking green and gold. He led the paseoillo as the only sword and the audience brought him in to salute him. The bullfighter asked all his crews, the two remarkable ones and the picadores to step into the ring in a very pleasant and different gesture. Huge standing ovation.

Antonio Ferrera before locking himself in the bullring of Pamplona with six Miura bulls during the last bullfight of San Fermín.  MAITE H. MATEO


party presidency

The race is chaired by Navarre Suma councilor Juan José Echeverría, advised by Josetxo Gimeno and César Fernández as veterinarians.


Exceptional in the race

Alongside Antonio Ferrera, the bullfighters Álvaro de la Calle and Jeremy Banti will make the parade so exceptional. In the event of an incident during the celebration, they would be responsible for carrying on the fight.


Pamplona’s last tail belonged to Ferrera

Antonio Ferrera is still the last bullfighter to have obtained the highest trophies for a bull. He reached it on July 14, 2006, in an epic afternoon with Victorino Martín’s bull “Hebijón”. It was his second big door after the one he made in 2002.


Go out on shoulders with Miura in Pamplona

Since July 11, 1999, no bullfighter has succeeded in cutting off both ears of a Miura bull in Pamplona. The last to achieve this, in the last century, was Juan José Padilla.


First confinement in Pamplona

For the first time in Pamplona, ​​a single bullfighter will kill six bulls and they will also come from the legendary Miura Ranch. It’s one of the great feats of the season. The only precedent was achieved by Manolo de los Reyes on April 2, 1978 with bulls from María Coronel.


Antonio Ferrera’s gesture with Mecca

Antonio Ferrera will face all the bullfighting of Miura alone and will give all his emoluments to the Casa de Misericordia. A unique gesture in a privileged moment. In addition to the centenary of the square, the Mecca of Pamplona, ​​the asylum, has suffered greatly from the two long years of the pandemic.

Antonio Ferrera in the sixth bullfight of the San Fermín Fair in Pamplona.  Maite H. Mateo6

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