Edurne sick of the voice: the health problem that affects other singers

  • The singer is canceling her tour and all of her plans through August due to a month-long voice health issue. Doctors advise you not to sing or speak

  • She had already recorded the first phase of ‘Got Talent’ and was immersed in the release of her new album, ‘Catarsis’

  • Edurne suffers from one of the vocal pathologies associated with singers that artists like Adele, Shakira or Aitana have also suffered from.

Edurne was forced to cancel their summer tour for a health problem that has dragged on for a month and that she has herself explained on their social networks.

“Hi there!! about a month ago, I told you that I was a little normal voice and that they had sent me a vocal rest without singing for a few weeks”, Edurne’s text begins on Instagram.

“I tried to combine the work I had, without singing, but unfortunately I couldn’t recover. So, with my team, we made the decision to cancel everything I have in these three weeks, and keep a complete vocal rest until August to be able to recover 100%”, ends the interpreter of Sunrise there sleeping likesthanking all expressions of support and expressing its want to come back stronger on stage.

“I want to come back on tour stronger than ever, I can’t wait to see you, and that we sing and dance together. Thank you for your understanding, for all the support I receive and for all the love you always give me!!” Edurne’s text concludes:

Immersed in the tour of his new album after the recordings of ‘Got Talent’

The artist had launched since April in the launch of the luxury edition of Catharsiss, his new album with collaborations with artists such as Belén Aguilera, Carlos Baute, Antonio José orfecto Pasillo. Moreover, the former competitor Operation Triumph 2005 and representative of Eurovision 2015 He had just resumed his role as judge in To have talent with Risto Mejide, Dani Martínez and new addition, Paula Echevarría. The audition phase is already recorded, and the next live one is only scheduled for the fall, when it is scheduled is already recovered.

Edurne values ​​Albert in Got Talent

Edurne and Got TalentTelecinco

Doctors recommend not to sing or speak

Edurne will now take a few weeks of enforced rest to concentrate on maintaining his voice. The singer should cancel all your eventssince doctors have not only recommended not to sing, but rather to avoid talking as much as possible.

The first ones symptoms that something was wrong with his voice appeared a few months ago, when he owns Edurne reported that an unforeseen health event forced her to cancel both concerts what I had expected then.

It all started after Concert “Dial Unicos”, organized at the end of May by radio at the Teatro Coliseum in Madrid. Once finished, the singer began to be “somewhat regular”. He decided to consult the doctors, who recommended stay a few weeks taking vocal rest and avoiding singing, what seems to be, have not been enough to fully recover.

Now focused on her husband, David De Gea, and daughter Yanay

The artist will take advantage of the hour to pass more time with your familycon her husband, footballer David de Geawith whom a year and a half ago he had his first daughter, Yanay.

Voice diseases in singers and how to treat them

Edurne suffers from aphoniathe “singers’ disease” from which other artists like Shakira, Adele or Aitana (dysphonia), Marta Sánchez (pharyngolaryngitis) have also sufferedwho also had to take a career break, or Rose Lopez. The latter did not have the same luck, because the rest was not enough and had to be operated on the vocal cords of a cyst in the throat after losing his voice, and what happened more than a year removed from music. Five years ago, during his visit to my house is yourswinner of Operation Triumph 1 implied that he had been the victim of medical negligence.

Rosa López in 'Let yourself be loved'

Rosa López in ‘Let yourself be loved’

The aphonia suffered by Edurne it’s a common pathology in people who use the voice as a work tool. This is why they must take extreme precautions with anyoneas don’t shout, smoke, be careful in harmful environments, or avoid coughing or clearing your throat…

Ear, nose and throat specialist Daniel Polettiuniversity professor, member of the European Society of Laryngology and who is part of the ENT team of Dr. Pablo Ortiz in Madrid, explained the keys to voice care for the portal Promotion of music.

The first advice is for the singer to have a good technical vocal training, learn to use it in the best possible way.

It is also important that the singer “Define what the vocal register is, because if you don’t use the one that corresponds to it in time it could cause problems in the future”, emphasizes the expert.

If these premises are not met, pathologies such as dysphonia, the most characteristic and the one who suffered Aitana, although sometimes it can happen hoarseness, like that of Edurne.

The dysphonia it’s a voice alteration, a “change in the tone of voice normally recorded by a person”. This hoarseness, explains the doctor, “can be something transient, what is called vocal violence”, which arises by forcing the voice beyond the possibilities of each one.

Singer Aitana, ex of 'OT', criticized in the networks for promoting a high-calorie menu at McDonald's


If not cured, it can lead something more serious, such as inflammation of the vocal cords which causes the appearance of the so-calleds nodules, “which do not vibrate properly and produce what is called voice dysphonia”, points out Poletti. These nodules can cause “hard nodules”, a callus, which would require surgery in order to delete them.

Another pathology associated with singers is the case of polyps on the vocal cords, which occur “when subjected to an effort or an excess that leads to the generation in some cases of a punctual inflammation of the vocal cord or a small hemorrhage” which is reabsorbed forming the polyp.

The treatment in this case is usually surgery. The problem “is that sometimes in this type of surgery, if they are not performed with microsurgical techniques, changes in the tone of the singer’s voice could be generated”, what could have happened to Rosa López, whose vocal intensity after her intervention was never the same as Operation Triumph.

There are others voice pathologies common to all as hoarseness (hoarse voice) or the vocal fatigue due to overuse of the larynx“because like any muscle, the vocal cords can fatigue and singers, for example, may notice that vocal range decreases or roosters come out changing pitch or crowing for a long time”. It is also possible to suffer pain in the neck area from using muscles to try to reach certain tones.

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