Ceferin’s Threats to US Supplier Revealed

07/14/2022 at 7:33 PM


One of the Super League’s lawyers has revealed the UEFA president’s remarks to a US organizer who wanted to organize a summer tournament

The trial involving UEFA and FIFA began on July 11

The Fifa and the UEFA they are in a key week for their future as central organizations in the world of football. On July 11, the trial began in Luxembourg which will decide whether the two have the legitimacy to veto the planning of competitions outside of themlike the Superleague. At one point in the hearing, a lawyer denounced Ceferin’s threats to an American organizer.

Luis Alonso Díaz explained the reasons for the creation of the Super League and its weak position in the face of the “monopoly” exercised by FIFA and UEFA. “Superliga clubs cannot afford to be excluded from a competition because they could go bankrupt”said.

“A club that wants to make the Super League needs three or four years. Today, UEFA has been working on the new 2024 model for three years. We must be able to build a new house as long as we are not expelled from the old house,” he commented.

Regarding the reason for the complaint against President Ceferin, the lawyer explained a situation in which they tried to create a friendly summer tournament in the United States with teams that were part of the base Super League draft. Faced with this possible affair, the UEFA president entered to threaten the North American supplier.

Here is the full conversation revealed by the Super League lawyer:

“I heard about your affairs with the three clubs. These clubs didn’t cause problems for UEFA. They tried to destroy me personally. It’s a shame you don’t understand. The fact that you work with them means that I, UEFA or anyone else I have influence with will have no commercial or private relationship with you.. Believe me, it was a big mistake.”

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