8,000 meters, sea view and 7 bedrooms

At 1,000 meters above sea level, on one of the cliffs of the Costa del Pins (Majorca) stands the summer refuge of Ana Obregon (67 years old). In this family home, built by her father in the 1960s, the versatile actress spent a good part of the summers of her life. An intimate place with a breathtaking view of Cala Millor where she was happy for decades and which since 2020 has become the place where she returns to be serene and return to those happy moments she shared with her son, Alex Lequio.

After the death of the young businessman, Ana found in the recesses of this great mansion the consolation necessary to turn the pages of the calendar, which seem lighter thanks to its views of the Mediterranean Sea. There he returned to travel several weeks ago, beginning his summer and his memories and since then he has shared numerous publications on his social networks in which he dedicates a few words to his son: “You loved the turquoise blue of the Mediterranean”you wrote, for example, in your last Publish.

Beyond the memory of Álex and the great moments they shared, Ana showed some photos of this great house created by her father, Antonio García Obregón (96), so that the whole family can enjoy Mallorca together. A large mansion resulting from the union of three farms which gave birth to a land of more than 8,000 square meters on which the house stands, 1,000 meters.

Ana Obregón showed her room in Mallorca.

Ana Obregón showed her room in Mallorca.


In addition to common areas, such as the living room, hall and kitchen, it has seven spacious bedrooms, each with its own bathroom and view of the sea. Ana, as she taught, is rather simple in terms of decoration, because beyond the bed there is a bedside table -on which rests a photo of her and Álex-, a simple sofa and a round table from which he works. But it also has its own terrace, from which you can contemplate the sea.

The best part is on the ground floor, a spacious terrace which is the protagonist of a good part of the publications of Ana Obregón, which has shown her from almost every angle. This is the most special area of ​​the mansion, as it has more 250 meters from side to side with panoramic view and a large swimming pool from which, of course, you can also contemplate the sea.

The terrace is the most characteristic part of the house.

The terrace is the most characteristic part of the house.

Social networks

On this terrace and in the swimming pool, the presenter has spent great moments with Álex that have been recorded in photographs full of affection that she does not hesitate to share with her followers, and it is that, just like her , the young man loved the island and the family home. It is not for less, since it also has a dining area, a gazebo to protect yourself from the sun, a solarium and relax to enjoy in comfort.

Custom made house

Over the years, the García-Obregón family has repeatedly spoken of this construction of which they are proud. One of them was Antonio himself, who in 2013 spoke with the Mallorcan newspaper Last hour about the farm. “When we arrived here, there were only about twenty of us, in addition to the Eurotel. I discovered the Costa de los Pinos thanks to a Spanish-English cousin of my wife, Ana”, explains he.

“The company that built the Eurotel, with whom we had worked, told us that land was on sale. I bought three of them, plus the one next door, with which I collected 8,000 square meters and 140 meters of cliff, wonderful, come on! We finished the house in 1969 and opened it in 1970,” he revealed.

For her part, Ana said that despite the passing of the years, they have always tried to keep the interiors as they were when they were built. “My father built this house forty years ago and it has grown over time, but without breaking the aesthetic, all white and with a turquoise blue floor“, he said, revealing the mystery of this characteristic soil that can be seen in all his images.

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Regarding the exterior, the actress said that her father had built a topographic plaque to respect the almost ninety century-old pines which were on the ground and which were however uprooted by a hurricane in 2011. Fortunately, several pomegranate, olive and orange trees are still standing, as well as a Mediterranean garden.

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