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Time is a fundamental ingredient in the kitchen. With patience and care, you can prepare the most exquisite dishes you have ever tasted. However, We don’t always have the time we would like to spend between the stoves.

But don’t worry, if time is running out, there are also possibilities to make delicious and healthy meals in a short time. There is no excuse to stop eating well.

This is the case of the easy pasta recipes that we bring you in this list. Because Pasta is one of the most accepted options when preparing quick meals in the kitchen.. With this ingredient we can create real delicacies without too many complications. And, at the same time, be well nourished.

These are all benefits.

Easy and healthy pasta recipes

Pasta is a regular ingredient in our diet. It’s a good source of carbohydratesessential for our body.

Carbohydrates are an important nutritional base and we can integrate them into our diet through foods like pasta. Because, moreover, given its versatility and great varietywe can easily include easy pasta recipes in our weekly menu.

It has therefore been demonstrated that simplicity and speed are not incompatible with healthy recipes, such as those that can be obtained with pasta. And it is that pasta allows us to create healthy and varied dishes in a short time.

Origin of the dough

Pasta is one of the basic ingredients of the Mediterranean diet.c. But, although some may think so, it was not the Italians who invented it. The most accepted theory about the origin of pasta is that It was invented by the Chinese around 1000 BC.

We believe it was Marco Polo who introduced it later in Europe, already in the initials XIII. And he did so after returning from an expedition to China in 1271. Specifically, took her to Italy, where he quickly became a great success. And from there it spread all over the continent.

However, there are other theories that suggest that the origin of pasta dates back to the 4th century BC. J.-C. Because an engraving was discovered in an Etruscan tomb showing a group of people making what appeared to be pasta.

It is also known that the Chinese prepared a food similar to what we know today as noodles since the year 3000 ac

In any case, we are talking about a millennial food which has come down to the present day. And to whom we continue to pay tribute every day in our kitchens.

Pasta is a staple ingredient of the Mediterranean diet
Pasta is a staple ingredient of the Mediterranean diet – GOURMET

Paste Properties

The basic ingredients of the most common pasta are wheat flour, water and salt. Nothing more. Although you can also add eggs and other ingredients to get other results. In any case, once elaborated in its various forms, only must be cooked with water To eat it.

However, pasta is a key food in the Mediterranean diet which essentially gives us carbohydrates. But that doesn’t mean it’s an unhealthy food. It is true that it has a high caloric intake. On the other hand, the amount of fat in pasta is minimal. Thus, integrated into a balanced diet, its consumption is very healthy.

In addition, its high energy value makes it ideal for people who practice intense physical activity. Because hydrated pastes are slowly absorbedso the energy is released little by little.

On the other hand, the content of fiber paste helps regulate intestinal transit. If it is whole wheat pasta, this fiber content will be higher, which can help with constipation issues.

However, as it is a wheat-based food, its high gluten content means it is not suitable for celiacs. But it’s not a problem for them to forget the pasta, because there are varieties that do not contain gluten. You just need to buy or make pasta that is not made with wheat.

Another of the beneficial properties that pasta offers us is that it generates slower and easier digestion. This makes the pasta dishes not too heavy for us.

In summary, here are the average nutritional values ​​that 100 grams of pasta can bring us:

Calories: 375 calories.

Carbohydrates: 75.8 g.

Protein: 12 g.

Fiber: 4 g.

Fat: 1.8 g.

Potassium: 230mg.

Phosphorus: 180 mg.

Magnesio: 53 mg.

Calcium: 25mg.

Hiero: 1.6 mg.

Zinc: 1.5mg.

types of pasta

There are several types of pasta
There are many types of pasta – GOURMET

As we have already seen, one of the advantages of pasta is that with them simple and quick recipes can be prepared. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to always have any variety of pasta on hand to be able to use it in an emergency.

And there is a wide variety of pasta. Spaghetti, macaroni, noodles, fusilli and a long etcetera. They can be long or short, whole grain or not, there are even vegetable pastes that add a touch of color in addition to making them more nutritious.

We can say that these are the main varieties of the most common or recognized pasta:

In reference to large pastawe have spaghetti, noodles, fettuccine, nests…

In the case of short pastathe most common varieties can be macaroni, spirals, bows, rigatoni…

There is also pasta with other shapes like conch, lasagna, ravioli, tortellini…

Finally, pasta is also considered the noodles, stars or letters that we usually use for soup.

There is no option for boredom when it comes to making easy pasta recipes. Because we must also take into account the fact that you can use different types of pasta to make the same recipes. This way we have more options to never repeat the same dish.

In addition, this staple of the Mediterranean diet can be combine with a wide range of ingredients. Different sauces and meat or fish. And they can be prepared from hot dishes to cold snacks such as
pasta salads

As an example, we propose here several easy pasta recipes that can be made with the variety of that ingredient that you like the most or are most interested in at any given time. And with which you can also try to combine sauces with each other.

Pasta salad with cream cheese and walnuts

Pasta salads are a very appetizing cold dish in hot weather. So you can take advantage of the summer season to fill your table with colors and flavors with a delicious pasta salad like this one.

This is a quick and easy pasta recipe that has a wide variety of ingredients. They are all in very good health. Therefore, we are in front of a very complete, refreshing and recommendable dish for everyone. Sure to please both adults and children.

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Bows of pasta with peas and mushrooms

One of the many benefits of pasta is that it can be eaten both hot and cold. So now we move on to the main dishes chapter of our list. And we do, how could it be otherwise, with another one of the many quick and easy pasta recipes that can be made.

In this case, we will prepare bows with peas and mushrooms. It is a low calorie and low fat dish. Additionally, it includes beneficial nutrients such as pea fiber and mushroom minerals. With this dish, it’s all pluses.

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Cappelletti with meat and canela

This pasta recipe is very original. To start, we do it with an unusual type of pasta. These are cappelletti, although this variety can be replaced by other more common ones such as rigatoni, coditos, spirals, etc. What you have on hand if you don’t have time to go shopping.

On the other hand, the extra touch of the dish is provided by cinnamon. Its unmistakable aroma and flavor will make diners enjoy an exquisite bite unlike what they are most used to. Do you dare to try it?

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Serrano ham and basil ribbons

This Serrano Ham and Basil Ribbons recipe is another quick, easy, and tasty dish with spectacular flavor. You can also make this recipe with spaghetti, bucatini or any other type of long pasta. The result will be the same in terms of flavor, but its presentation will vary. This way you can repeat the recipe without anyone getting bored.

A touch of grated cheese sprinkled upon serving will be the perfect point to delight your guests with this quick and easy pasta recipe. Don’t stop trying.

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Fusilli with pesto

In addition to pasta, a widely accepted preparation that combines very well with this ingredient is pesto. This sauce is perfect for bathing the type of pasta you like the most. In this case, we offer you an exquisite plate of pesto fusilli.

This is one of the most convenient and quick easy pasta recipes you can find when you don’t have time to be in the kitchen. While the pasta is cooking, you can whip up the pesto in an instant with your blender and that’s it. All that remains is to mix and serve.

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spaghetti baskets

If you want to surprise your guests with an original presentation, try these spaghetti baskets. You can prepare them in a short time and the result is very striking.

You will get colorful and rich bites that can be used both as an appetizer and as a main course. The difference lies only in the way of serving it. You can do this in the baskets or you can put the pasta directly on a plate.

Don’t forget this recipe when you have a special event. With it, you will look great in front of your guests.

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braised noodles

Finally, we use another type of pasta to make a simple recipe. These are fried noodles. Although these are usually used in more traditional stews, we can also use them in other simpler and faster preparations. This is the case with our last proposal in this list of easy pasta recipes.

Depending on the thickness of the noodles you are using, you can make the preparation faster or slower. Try the prettiest ones if you’re in a hurry. And with the fattier ones if you want a heavier dish.

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