4 things from the Nothing (1) phone that all mobiles should have (and it’s not LEDs)

It has been a long time since we have seen a presentation of a phone with as many expectations as those expressed in the Phone with nothing (1). This model was finally announced a few hours ago, and we We have already told you about some of the ideas that make it uniquealthough we have not yet completed its analysis.

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What we can tell you is that there are four things that should be mandatory on all mobiles. And be careful, we are not talking about the top models, but literally all models.

the right cameras

This model has two rear cameras, one classic angle and one ultra wide angle. The company decided that won’t waste money on useless cameraslike the 2 Mpx macro or a depth sensor which, today, is useless.

Phone with nothing (1)

Phone with nothing (1)

Alvarez du Vayo

The free Android

We prefer that there are three cameras, including a telephoto one, and even more, if there are several sensors with optical zoom and some ToF, but the Nothing approach is adequate. Not to put two cameras, but to put only the cameras that are going to be used.

The importance of user experience

Whenever we talk about mobile phones and iPhones are confronted with models that use Android, the good functioning of iOS, its fluidity, is in the foreground. That’s partly because Apple controls the software and hardware, but even if you don’t, brands have tools to make their phones work more or less easily.

Phone with nothing (1)

Phone with nothing (1)

Alvarez du Vayo

The free Android

The Nothing(1) phone proves that you can have amazing user experience, system smoothness, and animations without spending a ton of money.

All brands should prioritize this. It is not mandatory to use pure Android, but if what your cape is doing is detrimental to the final experience, you should have it reviewed.

No pre-installed apps

Nothing OS Launcher

Recorder and camera. These are the only two applications that Nothing has included in what is its first mobile, in addition to those that already have Android as their system or that are in Google’s GMS.

This is much appreciated as there is no memory space taken up, no weird APIs and calls that force you to uninstall apps or disable them if you can’t uninstall them.

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We’ve seen mobiles that have dozens (it’s no exaggeration) of pre-installed apps, some even collecting data even if they haven’t been used with a specific user account. This should be eradicated.

design matters

Finally, I wanted to emphasize the design. It is logical to think that the cheapest mobiles cannot have a good design, but of course, so you see what nokia is doing with mobiles that aren’t even smartand you say “hey, maybe it can be done”.

The Nothing phone (1) is a terminal that relies on glass and metal without being excessively heavy. It is commendable.

But even if plastic is used, brands need to be aware that design differentiation is something that matters to a lot of people (seriously, a lot of people) and that even using cheap materials it is possible to make efforts.

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