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Golden Virginia

Golden Virginia Rolling Tobacco

Golden Virginia Rolling Tobacco 5 X 50g

Golden Virginia Rolling Tobacco has a full, sweet flavor and pleasing fragrance that is perfect for anyone looking for a smooth, delicious smoking experience. Golden Virginia’s fine-cut gives the tobacco a slow, even burn that gives the smoker plenty of time to enjoy the taste of the tobacco, which comes from the special blend of Virginia, burley and oriental tobaccos.

This delightful, aromatic tobacco is available in a box of five sealed 50g packs, which will help ensure the tobacco stays fresh for longer. And once a packet of tobacco is opened, a sticky tab on the back will keep the tobacco inside the packet fresh. Golden Virginia Rolling Tobacco can be rolled with a filter to remove tar, but the tobacco is smooth enough to be smoked unfiltered. This sweet, natural flavor makes it the ideal accompaniment to a glass of wine or cup of coffee.

Packaging: Pouch
5 pouches of 50g each

Made in: United Kingdom

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