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Bacco Pipe Tobacco

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Bacco Original Pipe Tobacco

Bacco Original Pipe Tobacco 16oz

Bacco Original Pipe Tobacco is a great all-around tobacco that is great any time of day for a calming and flavorful smoke. The tobacco is made in the United States of America with tobacco grown in Kentucky.

After they are fully-grown, the ripe tobacco leaves are taken to a specialized curing barn where they air-cure for several weeks until the pale-green tobacco leaves turn a healthy, natural brown. This curing process gives the distinct, but subtle flavor found in each package of Bacco Original Pipe Tobacco.

Packaging: Bag
Quantity: 16oz
Made in: USA

Bacco Mild Pipe Tobacco

Bacco Mild Pipe Tobacco 16oz

The tobacco comes in a plastic pouch that contains 16 ounces of this premium tobacco. The pouch is re-sealable so you can be sure the last bowl you pack with your Bacco Mild Pipe Tobacco will taste just as fresh and enjoyable as your first. This tobacco has a full, robust flavor, but it remains smooth and mild so it is a true joy to smoke any time of day.

Packaging: Bag
Quantity: 16oz
Made in: USA

Bacco Menthol Pipe Tobacco

Bacco Menthol Pipe Tobacco 16oz

Bacco Menthol Pipe Tobacco is a delicious option for anyone seeking an alternative to dull, flavorless pipe tobaccos. It starts with natural Kentucky burley tobacco leaves, which are hung in a special curing barn for several weeks in order to develop a deep, earthy flavor that provides the rich base for this fine variety of pipe tobacco.

The cured tobacco is mixed with a natural menthol flavor, which gives the tobacco the zesty, minty taste that is sure to please any smoker.

Packaging: Bag
Quantity: 16oz
Made in: USA

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