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4 Aces Pipe Tobacco

4 Aces Mellow Pipe Tobacco 16 oz

4 Aces Mellow Pipe Tobacco 16 oz

4 Aces Mellow Pipe Tobacco is a rich yet mild pipe tobacco, created to achieve an ideal balance between aroma and taste. This mellow variety of 4 Aces tobacco provides a lighter counterpoint to the brand’s Regular and Mint varieties. The aromatic notes are assertive enough to give it body, while the mellow blend allows the full diversity of the flavors to emerge.

Packaging: Bag
Quantity: 6 oz/16 oz
Made in: USA 

4 Aces Mint Pipe Tobacco 16 oz

4 Aces Mint Pipe Tobacco 16 oz

4 Aces Mint Pipe Tobacco is the menthol flavored offering from the popular 4 Aces line of pipe tobacco. This minted pipe tobacco delivers a pop of flavor on the back end that makes for a smoking experience that is refreshing, dynamic and above all satisfying. The vibrant mint flavor is underscored by the hearty scent and flavor of 4 Aces famous tobacco, an American blend that has long ago made a name for itself amongst pipe enthusiasts.

Packaging: Bag
Quantity: 6 oz /16 oz
Made in: USA

4 Aces Regular Pipe Tobacco

4 Aces Regular Pipe Tobacco

4 Aces Regular Pipe Tobacco is a rich, balanced and satisfying smoke. This hearty American blend features a bold taste and aroma that blends seamlessly in 4 Aces quality pipe tobacco. 4 Aces Regular Pipe Tobacco comes in the brand’s trademarked Seal-Tite pouch that’s designed to preserve the freshness of the tobacco within. The sealed tight bag maintains that 4 Aces tobacco stays moist and flavorful from the first to last smoke.

Packaging: Bag
Quantity: 6 oz /16 oz
Made in: USA

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