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Murano Light

Murano Light

Murano Light cigarillos are best described as pure. From the pristine white of the pack to the woody taste and aroma, these cigarillos have nothing to hide and are proud of it. Among the best-rated cigarillos, they are mild in body and strength and use the faint caress of flavor to perk you up instead of demanding your submission. The aroma is a light punctuation on their perfection.

At just 89 mm (3.5″) by an 18 ring gauge, Murano Light cigarillos pass the tobacco integrity test, with very few pieces of tobacco lost when the cigarillos are rolled. This shows that the cigarillos aren’t scantily filled and that the construction is excellent. Even the crest on each pack communicates the regality and noble character wrapped into each cigarillo. Highlighted by natural wrappers, Murano Light cigarillos burn smoothly and are incredibly consistent from start to finish. Great to smoke every day, they come to you packaged in carton groups of 200, which means 10 packs of 20 cigarillos to savor. 

Format: Little filtered cigars
20 packs of 20 cigars each
Made in: USA

Murano Full Flavor

Murano Full Flavor

Murano Full Flavor cigarillos are the shining stars in the sky of tobacco smoking. Easy to light with unbelievably good draw, they pack maximum flavor into your smoking time for an eye-opening experience. Medium in strength, they are void of harshness, having a creamy, smooth texture. The woody, earthy aroma and flavor of these cigarillos are nothing less than captivating, holding your attention throughout the entirety of your smoking session.

Featuring natural wrappers, Murano Full Flavor cigarillos use top-of-the-line, premium short filler tobacco. At a petite 89 mm (3.5″) by an 18 ring gauge, they are the epitome of convenience and quality. Pleasant and fulfilling through every puff, each Murano Full Flavor cigarillo is American in origin. The vibrant red of each package speaks to the cigarillo passion of not only Murano, but every connoisseur smoker. These little cigars are meant to be enjoyed over and over, so every carton provides a full 10 packs. Each pack holds 20 cigarillos for a total of 200 little cigars.

Format: Little filtered cigars
Quantity: 10 packs of 20 cigars each
Made in: USA

Murano Menthol

Murano Menthol

Murano Menthol cigarillos exceed all expectations, serving as the minty breath of fresh air for smokers who want something dependable but different. A monstrous value for the quality of construction and level of satisfaction you get, they are never flat. The flavor is light with a mild strength, a little burst of joy for your day.

Even though Murano Menthol cigarillos are classified as mild in body and strength, the blend-like the deep green of the package-is lush, containing just the right balance of coolness and classic tobacco. Made in the United States, these machine-made cigarillos use the choicest short filler tobaccos and natural wrappers, ensuring a cigarillo with phenomenal performance and no chemical aftertaste. Lovely in their 89 mm (3.5″) by an 18 ring gauge size, they boast an incredibly even burn. For the best price, buying by the carton is the economical way to go. Each carton provides 200 Murano Menthol cigarillos, or a set of 10 packs of 20.

Format: Little filtered cigars
Quantity: 10 packs of 20 cigars each
Made in: USA

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