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Silk Cut

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Silk Cut Cigarettes

Silk Cut Cigarettes

Gallagher created Silk Cut in 1963. Today, it’s the leading UK lower tar brand, which has significant market shares in the Republic of Ireland and Greece, and is being launched across Europe.

Brand name: Silk Cut
Origin: Made in UK.
Capacity: 6 x 200
Weight: 0.200 Kg.

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Silk Cut Cigarettes

Silk Cut (EU-made)

Silk Cut cigarettes are the low nicotine, low tar smoke with the kind of bold flavor smokers are looking for in a light brand. Silk Cut cigarettes bring together a perfectly crafted tobacco blend with an aerating filter that lowers nicotine consumption, delivering an exquisite light smoking experience that lets smokers enjoy the sensation of smoking without too much impact and no bitter aftertaste.

Silk Cut Silver Cigarettes

Silk Cut Silver (UK-made)

Silk Cut Silver cigarettes is a standout smoke that’s full of flavor. Silk Cut Silver cigarettes are low in nicotine and have a low tar content that is made even more impressive by the patented Silk Cut filter. This impressive filter uses more air holes than an average cigarette filter to flood each inhalation with additional oxygen, further lowering nicotine levels and delivering a truly light smoking experience.

Silk Cut Purple Cigarettes

Silk Cut Purple (Swiss-made)

Silk Cut Purple cigarettes delivers a light smoke with a smooth taste. Silk Cut Purple cigarettes contain 0.3 mg Nicotine and 3 mg of Tar, impressive statistics that are only improved upon by the Silk Cut patented filter. The special design of the Silk Cut filter allows the influx of more oxygen during inhalation, making smoking a Silk Cut much smoother tasting than the average cigarette.

Silk Cut Purple 100's (UK-made)

Silk Cut Purple 100’s (UK-made)

Silk Cut Purple 100′s are a perfect cigarette for those who love to smoke but want a taste and experience that is not as aggressive as with a full flavored brand. Silk Cut Purple 100′s deliver a pleasant smoking experience with a mellow vibe that won’t leave behind a harsh throat hit. Silk Cut Purple 100′s truly deserve the classic slogan “Smooth as Silk”.

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