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Raquel Slims Blue 100's Cigarettes

Raquel Cigarettes

The Raquel brand brings you everything good in a slim cigarette – low tar and nicotine, and a very stylish image.

Brand name: Raquel
Origin: Made in EU.
King size: Tar: 1 mg. Nicotine: 10 mg. Carbon Monoxide: 10 mg.
Capacity: 6 x 200
Weight: 0.200 Kg.

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Raquel Slims Blue 100's Cigarettes

Raquel Slims Blue 100’s (EU-made)

Raquel Slims Blue 100′s cigarettes provide discerning smokers with the satisfaction that comes from smoking a high-quality light tobacco blend. With a fresh taste, you are reminded of sailing a blue sea in the summertime. A truly gourmet cigarette with a style all its own, Raquel Slims Blue 100′s will be one brand you won’t wish to change.

Raquel Slims Menthol (EU-made)

Raquel Slims Menthol (EU-made)

Raquel Slims Menthol cigarettes give you that smooth light smoking experience without the chemical aftertaste. These quality cigarettes come in a rich and elegant looking package with the company’s signature emblem atop a strip of marbled green.

The green, of course, represented the crisp menthol in these cigarettes. You’ll enjoy the breezy mint taste of a Raquel Slims Menthol. Each pack comes with 20 long slim cigarettes, with a quality filter and low tar and nicotine.

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