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Ducados Filtro Soft Pack Cigarettes

Ducados Cigarettes

Ducados cigarettes, are to Spain what Gauloises are to France. The blue and white packets of Ducados traditionally have been the cigarettes of choice for everyone from los famosos to the man on the street. Produced by Altadis, Ducadus are rich flavored ‘black’ cigarettes.

Each Carton contains 10 packs x 20 Cigarettes
1 carton contains 200 cigarettes

Made in: EU – Spain
Ducados Azul White Soft Pack

Ducados Azul White Soft Pack (EU-made)

Ducados Azul White Soft Pack is the choice among those who love a smoke that is rich, strong and full of flavor. The traditional blue and white pack is easily recognizable and stands for quality in a sophisticated smoke. Heavy on nicotine, this robust smoke is sure to satisfy your urge for a delightful smoking experience. You will admire the finely crafted filter and smooth even burn of the Ducados Azul White Soft Pack.

Ducados Filtro Soft Pack Cigarettes

Ducados Filtro Soft Pack (EU-made)

Ducados Filtro Soft Pack cigarettes are the cigarette of choice for those who want to be thought of as smart and bold. With a strong and flavorful tobacco blend, nothing can compare to the taste of these quality cigarettes. The strongly flavored tobacco blend offers up a delightful smelling aroma. These cigarettes come in a distinctive blue and white soft pack that fits neatly in pocket or purse. Relent to the wonderful feeling that comes over you when you smoke the Ducados Filtro Soft Pack cigarettes. You will never look back.

Ducados Rubio

Ducados Rubio (EU-made)

Ducados Rubio are the cigarettes that you’ve been waiting for. Sold in a distinctive bright red-orange pack, these cigarettes are highly thought of and in high demand. Made with an excellent blend of tobacco and the pleasing aroma that is characteristic of this popular brand. You can’t lose when you choose a Ducados Rubio cigarette to give you that satisfaction that comes from an exceptional smoke. Whenever you want to light up, you can do so with the confidence that comes from a quality cigarette.

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